Who Am I?

Hi I'm Anmol Chalise. Currently I am working at Innovate Tech Pvt. Ltd. as an Software Project Manager. I am involved in this Information Technology Industry from past 6 years, I first started as an Web Developer. I believe that, I'm an exceptionally focused and dependable Software Project Manager with an outstanding work ethic and computer knowledge base. Extremely motivated to constantly develop technical skills and grow professionally.

Since I was very young I got this fascination for computers and all knowledge involved around them. As technology moves forward at incredible speeds, one needs to keep up learning and creating new solutions to satisfy our modern world's demands. My major objective is to become a Computing expert especially in the field of Product Development . Apart from this I aim to make a professional career that suit the current technology industry both skill wise as well as in competitive way.

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Software Project Management

I love the start of any new Projects. It’s awesomely open and full of potential. It’s our job as Software Project Manager to tap into the creative potential and to give a project direction. For me it is the best way I have found for implementing my ideas and dreams and share with others. It is a very thoughtful and challenging profession.

Software Quality Assurance

Software quality can have a serious effect on the bottom-line. In today's world it's very important to have quality product. Being a software quality assurance(QA) engineer, we monitors every phase of the development process to ensure that the design and software adhere to company standards. Even when it’s frustrating, it’s fun.

Web Application Development

My journey into the Web Development has been exciting and I'm always excited to learn new things about Web development. As a web developer I have the power to do big things. I can connect people, friends, families. Moreover I can expand my creativity. It is a job that dreams are made of fun, flexible and positively overflowing with creativity.

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My Specialty

My Skills

Several years after spending nights and weekends building websites, creating content, and putting together marketing strategies for my friends, colleagues, and their referrals. Inspired by clients' happiness when enabled to easily share their work with the world, I decided it was time to make the leap toward helping others with their web presence full-time.

I won't call myself an expert because we learn each and everyday. Below are some of my skills i'm comfortable with.














I am currently studying Master degree in (Information Technology and Applied Security) at Islington College which is affiliated to London Metropolitan University. My Specialization in Information technology and Applied Security is (Data Analytics).

I have completed my Bachelor degree at Islington College affiliated to London Metropolitan University. My Specialization in Information technology was (Computing).

I have completed my higher secondary education from Golden Gate International College in management faculty specialization in Computer Science.

I have completed PHP & Javascript from Leapfrog Academy. It was three months training course. Where I have Learn the core concepts of Web Development using PHP.


Work Experience

Software Project Manager 2021-Current

I am currently working as an Software Project Manager at Innovate Tech Pvt. Ltd. My responsibilities are • Discussing potential projects and their parameters with clients, executives, and software developers. • Assembling and leading the project team. • Planning out the blueprints for software projects, including defining the scope, allocating resources, setting deadlines, laying out communication strategies, and indicating tests and maintenance. • Participating in and supervising each stage of the project. • Ensuring each project stays on schedule and adheres to the deadlines. • Tracking milestones, deliverables, and change requests. • Serving as a liaison to communicate information regarding changes, milestones reached, and other pertinent information. • Creating test plans in an agile environment to match development cycles. • Supporting the development team to make sure the release is smooth. • Supporting team members at a demonstration of the project.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer 2019-2021

I worked as an Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Innovate Tech Pvt. Ltd. My responsibilities are • SQA Testing & Methodologies • Testing Automation using NightwatchJS / Cypress and Detox • Test Plans, Cases & Processes • Defect/Bug Tracking • Reporting and documenting technical issues. • Functional Requirements • UI & Compatibility Testing • Data Interface & Migration Testing • Test Strategies & Coverages • Regression & Negative Testing • Scripting & Documentation • QA & QC Standards

Web Developer 2015-2018

I worked as an Web developer at SWGK Nepal Pvt. Ltd. My responsibilities is to designing and developing a system and websites, handling customers and also making Proposals for the company. I have worked more than 2 years at SWGK Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Training at Leapfrog Academy 2016-2017

I have successfully completed my PHP and JavaScript traning form Leapfrog academy. Where I Learn the core concepts of Web Development using PHP Complement front‐end skills by building functional web applications Using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, AngularJS, PHP, REST Implement your web applications using database solutions (mySQL).

My Work

Recent Work

Below are some of my recent and completed projects.

Project Management / Quality Assurance / Web Development

My Second Teacher

I have done Quality Assurance for this project.
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